Become an ASI Chapter

The Autism Society of Illinois is the statewide affiliate of the Autism Society of America. We currently have five local chapters that are part of our statewide initiative. For more information on becoming a chapter, see the guidelines below or email us at

To support the Autism Society of Illinois in its mission to promote advocacy, public awareness, and education, lifelong access and opportunities for persons with autism and their families in order that they may be fully included, participating members of their communities, by;

  • Providing information sharing and support for anyone living or working with persons with autism within a geographic area;
  • Furthering education and training of parents and professional personnel in order to train, educate, and support individuals with autism by the general public;
  • Raising awareness of issues of individuals with autism by the general public;
  • Promoting and advocating for the general welfare ¬†of individuals with autism and to foster the development to of integrated support on their behalf;
  • Soliciting and receiving funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes;
  • Advising the ASI Board on the full breadth of autism issues in the chapters’ geographic area, including but not limited to referrals and resources in and about the autism community, goals, direction and activities for ASI STATEWIDE

Help the Autism Society of Illinois Raise funds through your Combined Federal Campaign

If you are a federal employee, postal worker or member of the U.S. military, please remember to give to us through your Combined Federal Campaign.

Our CFC Number is 32815

Additional Information

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