Thanks again to you and Stacy for inviting Zachary to see Santa. He is
still talking about it. He was so thrilled he got to just sit and visit
with Santa rather than a quick list of his Christmas wishes and a
picture. He had a blast. His grandmas wanted his pictures and he had to
wrestle one away but I promised them we would get more.

We are looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos and are also
excited to participate in other events you have planned.

Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless you, Stacy, and Dr. Smith.

Vicki Harger
Dear Autism Society of Illinois:
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being there. Your organization has been so helpful to me and my son Frank who has high functioning autism. If I had questions I could not find answers to on my own, I contacted your office and Mary Kay Betz helped me. If you did not know the answers you would research it and get me the information I needed to help my son.
As a parent of an autistic child you can imagine the rocky road we have had to travel just to get my son what he needed to become an independent individual in society. We still have a long and bumpy road ahead of us but your organization has helped my son and myself navigate it a little easier.
The Autism Society of Illinois greatest attribute to the autistic community is the free advocacy they offer. When I feared I was unable to advocate any further for my son who is being forced to graduate this year by our school dist. you sent me Dawn Cappeli your very own advocate/Paralegal. During troubled times with the staff at our high school during my sons iep Dawn Cappeli remained professional and NEVER once raised her voice. Even though the staff who attended the meeting (my son’s so called support team) yelled, screamed, made childish noises when Dawn or Jean would speak and roll their eyes Dawn remained calm obtained all information that would be pertinent to my son’s case and walked away with her integrity and never once batted her eyes at the disgusting behavior the school demonstrated.
The next day I received a phone call from the director of my son’s therapeutic day school (who also was in attendance of my son’s iep) and was asked for the names and contact information of Frank’s advocates. She stated that she was impressed with the way they represented Frank and kept their cool. She also stated they were great advocates and they really demonstrated that they know what they were doing. She wanted to add their names to her list she has that she gives other parents who need help navigating the special education school system.
Autism Society of Illinois, on behalf of many many other mothers and fathers Thank You for being of service to the autistic community.
Robin D’Adam


To the President,
I wanted to say “Thank You” for the annual 35th Conference with Dr. Stephen Shore. The conference was outstanding and a wealth of information. We were so impressed with all of the details, from the hotel, to the exhibits, breakfast and lunch…it was all top notch. I also want to mention that the price of the seminar was reasonable and allowed BOTH my husband and I to attend together and we are so grateful. As parents of a child with ASD, it’s great to be able to afford for the two of us to attend. As parents that is critical since both of us are the care providers for an ASD child.
Thank you so much for all of the hard work that went into the conference and everything was excellent!!
Thanks so much,
Janice and Mark


Thank you so much for all of your help and support in getting Haley
qualified for an IEP.  I am thrilled, but still shocked, that they
decided to proclaim Haley eligible for services.  I am absolutely
convinced that your input made the difference!  I’m disappointed that
they don’t care to acknowledge that Haley has an ASD, or that it is
affecting her at school socially and academically, but they just don’t
get it. I guess I’ll have to learn to work with them, even though it
is incredibly irritating. She will only be at this school for another
6 months, then she will move to the high school which is in the same
special ed district but has completely different personnel.  I can
only hope that they are better educated and more astute observers.

As a clinical psychologist… I have used the Autism Society of Illinois as a referral source for many years.  I feel very fortunate referring clients that I treat to ASI for guidance with their loved one on the spectrum” from Dr. Tim Wahlberg

Hi Mary Kay –
I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation today on autism spectrum disorders. My students enjoyed your talk and I believe benefited greatly from your expertise in this area. Please let’s stay in touch.
Best regards,
Dear ASI,
We just wanted to express our gratitude for the advocacy services you provided to our son. When we first heard about ASI’s advocacy services and contacted you, we knew that we had finally reached the right person. We had just experienced a long and frustrating year of getting our son the services he needed with no results. We were confused and overwhelmed as to determining the best school placement and how to get him on the right track so that he could reach his potential. You immediately gave us renewed hope in our son and got the ball rolling. You were able to guide the IEP process, recommend appropriate testing for his review, facilitate a positive working relationship between the family, district, and serving school, assist in appropriate goal writing and offer suggestions to the team. In addition, your extensive knowledge of autism and various treatments, therapies and methodologies was informative and beneficial to us as well. When our frustrations and emotions ran strong, you were there to listen, offer advice and keep us focused on moving forward. With you in attendance at the IEP meetings, our son’s needs were voiced in a kind, polite, diplomatic and professional manner. One thing that makes a difference with ASI’s advocacy is that you have truly stood in our shoes and you understand what heartache, anguish and worry we parents feel for our children. You understand what families are experiencing and know how to help them. We were very fortunate to have you on our team! The advocacy ASI is able to provide is a huge benefit to the individuals and families affected by autism in Illinois. Thank you so much! We wish you, your family’s and the ASI staff nothing but the best!
Best regards, Jeanne and Tom