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Treatment Effectiveness Survey
Questionnaire for Children with Autism and Related Developmental and/or Attention Problems,
a detailed Medical History
– by Dr. Sydney Baker



The parents of autistic children represent a vast and important reservoir of information on the benefits-and adverse effects- of the large variety of drugs and other interventions that have been tried with their children. Since 1967 the Autism Research Institute has been collecting parent ratings of the usefulness of the many interventions tried on their autistic children.

The following data have been collected from the more than 26,000 parents who have completed our questionnaires designed to collect such information. For the purposes of the present table, the parents responses on a six-point scale have been combined into three categories: “made worse” (ratings 1 and 2), “no effect” (ratings 3 and 4), and “made better” (ratings 5 and 6). The “Better:Worse” column gives the number of children who “Got Better” for each one who “Got Worse.”


What is Biomedical?  Article by Sidney Baker


Behavioral Intervention
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This presentation provides an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis. A “Best Practices” model of ABA is described, including the components necessary to ensure effective, comprehensive treatment, with a positive focus. Also provides strategies for identifying a quality program that addresses behavioral issues, language, communication and social skills as well as what characteristics to look for in program providers, school teachers and shadows, and home therapy staff.

Attention-Seeking Behaviors
Editorial: Early Behavioral Intervention
Lying: A Cognitive Milestone
Research: Autistic Savants
Self-Stimulatory Behavior
Theory of Mind
Tantrumming & Aggression




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