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Chapters of The Autism Society of Illinois Statewide

Projects of The Autism Society of Illinois

Local Chapter of the Autism Society of Illinois Statewide.
To support the Autism Society of Illinois in its mission to promote through advocacy, public awareness, education, lifelong access and oppurtunities for persons within the autism spectrum and their families in order that they may be fully included. participating members of their communities.



  • Providing information sharing and support for anyone living or working with persons on the autism spectrum within a specific geographic area;
  • Furthering the education and training of parents and professional personal in order to train, educate, and support individuals with autism;
  • Raising awareness of the issues of individuals with autism by the general public;
  • Promoting and advocating for general welfare of individuals with autism;
  • Promoting the education and trainging of individuals with autism and to foster the development of intergrated support on their behalf;
  • Promoting the establishment of appropriate diagnostic, therapeutic, educational  and recreational facilities for individuals with autism;
  • Soliciting and receiving funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes.
  • Advising the ASI Board on the full breadth of autism issues in the networks’ geographic area, including but not limited to referrals and resources in and about the autism community, goals, direction, and activities for ASI.


Responsibilities of the Local Project-Network;


  • The Local Project- Network will involve as many families and professionals as possible in its activities.
  • The Local Project- Network will be specifically responsible for proceeding a minimum of one  workshop annually, updating information and referral packets for parents and professionals in the Chapter geographic service area and maintain statistics of all individuals being served by the network.
  • The Chapter will collaborate with other ASI Committees (i.e., Program and Legislative Committees) as it plan and implements its activities.



Each local Chapter may create its own name to maintain a local identity.  This name must be approved by ASI and would read  Autism Society of Illinois ( ) Chapter.  In addition, the Chapter will adopt ASI’s mission, logo and tag line and must include these on all written, electronic or printed materials.  Each Chapter will have a website that is integrated with ASI’s website.  All materials created by the local networks must be approved by the state office to ensure a consistent organizational message.


If you have any questions please contact  Mary Kay Betz  @ 1.888.691.1270  or email





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