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The Autism Society of Illinois Champaign-Urbana Chapter

The Autism Society of Illinois would like to announce that Teresa O’Connor Ed.M
Developmental Therapist will be joining the Autism Society of Illinois Team as
the Associate Executive Director of The Autism Society of Illinois C-U Autism
Network in Champaign.

Teresa has been and independent developmental therapist for over three years and
prior to that she taught at South Side Elementary School.

Please take a moment and take our survey for services in the area. This survey will allow us to better plan for
services in your area.

If you would like to contact Teresa for more information please phone – 1.217.621.8429

For more information on autism or any supports please contact 1.888.691.1270 or
go to our main website

Kindest regards,
Mary Kay Betz
Executive Director
The Autism Society of Illinois

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