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Social Skills Training (SST)

Social Skills Training (SST)

Who & Where: Contracted Agency, School and in-home

Children on the spectrum usually do not naturally acquire the ability to interact with others. They have to learn these skills intellectually through deliberate treatments and interventions. There are a number of specialized curricula for Social Skills including “The Hidden Curriculum.”  Social stories and video modeling are useful tools for teaching social skills to children.

Some Easter Seals or UCP branches offer Social Skills training. You can also incorporate Social Skills into your child’s IEP. Some Medwaiver programs cover this too. There is no certification for this job.

Who Pays: School, Private Pay, Medwaiver

More info: A Model for Social Skills Instruction

Social Stories info: An Introduction to Social Stories


Special Bridge

(844) 222-5777

Special Bridge is a safe, private, and fun online social community for adults with disabilities. Through a friendly and supportive environment, people of all ability levels can make new friends in an interactive and welcoming setting.


Skill Sprout, LLC


Clinic Locations: Lombard, Washington, Peoria, Springfield and Normal.

In-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services offered throughout the state.

Skill Sprout provides integrated, multi-disciplinary services to families and children with a wide range of ability levels.  Skill Sprout offers Free Autism Screenings, Diagnostic Services, ABA Services, Social Skills Training, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.


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