Our Services

The Autism Society of Illinois prides itself in providing individualized services for everyone who contacts us. We provide our services in real time and make sure there is always someone on the other end of the phone!

  • Hotline 1.888.691.1270
  • Outreach
  • Local Affiliate Chapters-through the state
  • Updated / Current Links to providers/ services in Illinois
  • Legislative voice/Autism Society of Illinois
  • Lobbyist- State and Federal Level
  • Public Awareness – Family Focused Outreach Activities throughout the year
  • Website
  • Instant Communication- Quarterly ASI Gazzete Newsletters
  • First Responder Training- Fee Based
  • Speakers
  • Special Education advocacy- Fee Based
  • Special Education IEP Consultations- Free of Charge
  • Trainings and Conferences- Special Member pricing
  • Membership

” A clinical psychologist… I have used the Autism Society of Illinois as a referral source for many years. I feel very fortunate referring clients that I treat to ASI for guidance with their loved on the spectrum” from Dr. Tim Wahlberg