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November Autism Matters: Message from the CEO

November Autism Matters: Message from the CEO

November is National Caregivers Month and I want to recognize, with tremendous appreciation, all Caregivers who are helping individuals in need. From the care worker who comes into a home to help a child diagnosed with autism; to the support worker in a day program who helps provide support to an adult with autism; to the parent, sibling and grandparent who is always there to help a family member; to the teacher who never gives up on a child; caregivers are to me the backbone of who we are as a nation.

Caregivers are rarely recognized and far too often not thanked. They do far more than the “job description” requires and are motivated by the benefits of helping a person. To each caregiver, thank you and please know that everyone at the Autism Society thanks you and appreciates all you do each and every day.

Thanksgiving, occurring in November, is also a time where we gather to be thankful for the good things in life. So many people come together, sit around the table and express their gratitude and love for those sitting alongside them. For some families, however, a seat remains vacant because their family member with autism has died. Two years ago, I learned about a family whose adult son on the spectrum had taken his own life as a result of challenges at his workplace. The parents told me that their son was proud to work and wanted to be as independent as he could.

For this family, the sorrow of that terrible death remains forever in their hearts. But from that sorrow, the family has chosen to work with the Autism Society to help make workplaces throughout the nation friendlier and more responsive to workers with autism. Their advocacy for a fair and just employment environment for all is starting to show results.

Businesses and organizations like AMC Theaters, Philadelphia Phillies, US Steel and Johnny Carino’s Restaurants, to name a few, are working with the Autism Society to help create opportunities and advancement for employees with autism.

This Thanksgiving, please thank the caregivers who help those in need and remember those families that have a vacant seat at their table. I know I will.

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