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Warm Up to Autism. Sock 101

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As Sock101 grows, we are doing everything we can to give back. That is why Sock101 and The Autism Society of Illinois have teamed up to create a way to assist in supporting Autism. $3 of every sock sold will go to the Autism Society of Illinois 
to improve the lives of all affected by autism by increasing public awareness, advocating for appropriate services, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.
Put on the Puzzle! The Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Design is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autism prevalence is now one in every 68 children in America.

The Autism Awareness Ribbon – The puzzle pattern reflects the uniqueness of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with autism. The brightness of the ribbon signals hope – hope that through increased acceptance and awareness of autism, and through early intervention and appropriate services, people with autism can and will lead fuller, more complete lives.

Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Sock – and start a conversation to educate folks on the potential of people with autism!
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